Quality paint, brushes, blue. Professional painter, painting ceiling. Fresh painted walls, quality finish.

What we do


  • As a customer since 2008 and having used Jetset Services 6 times in the past, I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.
  • Scott Cambell, Kedron
  • “Working for property owners it is so important for me to have reliable tradesmen I can count on, Jetset Services are always on time..”
  • Yasmine Farmer, Varsity Lakes

Why choose us

Jetset Services Professional Painters Service Brisbane and the Gold Coast Regions
Thorough preparation

Our tradesmen take great pride in their work, we clean, sand and prepare all surfaces before painting for an immaculate finish.

Professional Tools & Products

We select the best brushes and rollers to give you a smooth, even finish to your paint.

No Mess

We never rinse our brushes or rollers in your sink or on your lawn. We always clean up after ourselves leaving your house spotless.


A reliable tradesman is a trustworthy tradesman we pride ourselves on punctuality and high customer service.


We take care when working on your property, carpets and tiles. You won't find paint on tiles, or spots on your carpets after we have finished.


We appreciate the trust you place in us by letting us into your property. That's why all of our team are fully security screened, trained in workplace health and safety and have their head screwed on straight. All of our tradies have been in the business for years and have extensive experience to back them up.


Our painters are qualified and licensed tradesmen.

So what are you waiting for give us a call!

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